I am proud to announce a new product that is now up and crowdfunding.

Calls, Messages and even the thought of a lost phone.

This is Vybe.

I have been apart of the team for some time it’s super exciting to see this go live today. 

I will be giving away a few bands to those who share this with their friends and help the promotion.

Thank you for all your support and join in the adventure with the Vybe team and I.

You can purchase the bands here or click the image above:  https://www.wearvybe.com/order

Dear tumblr friends,

Hi I love you all, and miss you all. I know I haven’t used this blog in like a year but that’s all about to change! :)

Well actually not, because I am going to stop using this blog. BUT I’ve created a bit more of a professional blog that I’ve had just as long as this one and I’m only going to fully switch over to that one.

So if you like me at all, or any of the old content I used to post (besides just instagram photos  -______-  sorry, I apologize that that is all my blog has become), if you like me at all, SEND ME A MESSAGE and I’ll shoot you my new url!  *pew pew*


What are you supposed to do when you feel so sick to your stomach that you can’t concentrate for longer than 5 seconds? That you secretly run to the bathroom at work to dry heave because you can’t stop thinking about it.

When you feel like the things you thought we’re so concrete in life were just a lie?

How do you let go? How do you move forward?

How I am I suppose to let go if I’m not told anything, not told the truth?

How do I stop the pain?

How do I become normal again?

I just want to be happy again. I just want to trust again.

Please, someone, just help me.

I am the most useless.

The best time bod day for a drive.

Let me make you breakfast.

This is useful…

Time to find some #summah #books!

Waiting for the morning sun.

#thou_shall_decim8 #thou_shall_decim8this_jouissances original photo by @jouissances #veth #5994 #decim8 #glitchoftheday #glitch

Three weekends in a row of baseball games, it’s officially : #summah! (at Angel Stadium of Anaheim)

Starting my day off right. (at Filling Station)

City life bike rides with @michael_regan

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the courts…