WHO CHARTED? 2013 poster.


  • knee high socks (Kulap Vilaysack)
  • howie michael motorcycle (Howard Kremer)
  • ramhand (engineer Cody)
  • real milk (engineer Frank)
  • 'stard (engineer Brett)

I’ve been working on this forever and it’s finally finished! This poster is for the greatest podcast EVAR: Who Charted, on the Earwolf network. Y’all should check it out if you have no idea what this means, cause you’re missing out on some serious laughs, and deep sermons about "summah!" ;)

So…..I guess I made a typeface?

I was bored and I’m really procrastinating with my thesis today and just wanted to do something with the project I did last week: here.

But I definitely gotta work on it much more, fosho!

Here is a christmas card/comic I drew for Michael for Christmas.

I don’t know why but I decided to do it all in Illustrator….it was a huge pain in the butt :/

I made a holiday card for all you bitches.


Progression of Connections. 2012.

I was bored today and it’s winter break, so I thought I’d try something fun.

For my senior thesis project I am grappling with the effects of interconnectivity growing in the modern world, and just decided to do a little line study keeping the notion of connections in mind.

It was really quite interesting to see the thick web connections that begins to form the more you add to it. I cannot even imagine what it’s be like with 1000 dots, let alone 7 billion. It’s incredible to imagine what our connections as humans in the modern technological world would look like if we visualized it on a piece of paper.

Here is a little sample! I just used a pen, and my iphone as a ruler…

A few months ago I was contracted through Ember Lab to do motion graphics for a client of theirs, Beefeater Gin. They recieved these 2 videos shot and edited already but they wanted a drink recipe to creatively be placed throughout the video through motion graphics, which I was contracted to do.

I’ve never been more excited to actually see my work out there in the “real world”  :)
not to mention combined they have over a million views…

Anyway check it out!

here is the other one: 

Here is a sneak peak of the intro/titles to my thesis.

It’s looking dead sexy…



It’s a talk show called, “You’ve probably never heard of it…” where Michael and I discuss tons of things that you’ve probably never heard of and do improv and play games!


what am I doing?

I’m so bored in class. I’m just making things. I don’t even know why I did this.

So a while back I wanted to design something with Albert Camus’ books, and recently I came across it so I’ve been working on finishing up a whole series of redesigned covers for his books.

Here’s one that I’ve done so far for “The Wall”.

Also, its a great book :)

instead of doing my class work I’m working on a title sequence for the office comedy I wrote.


So just today I found out that people of Rhythm and Hues are coming to our school next week to critique our portfolios/reels, and I realized I really don’t have anything on my reel. 

SOOOOO I’m just gonna make a bunch of random stuff as quickly as I can.

made this in like 2 hours in class. the timing is way too fast, but I’ll adjust it all later. It is literally about nothing.

what should I add to it?

Instead of 3d modeling in maya in class, I’ve been doing this.


too lazy to fix it and make it nice.

too lazy to do anything else.

too lazy to stay awake.


I actually have been farting quite a lot today.

but then again, that’s pretty normal…